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Model 250 & 350 & 450
Model 350B
48" x 26" x 51" Stainless Steel


  • Explosion Proof
  • 304 Stainless Steel


  • Model 350B-C-P - Powder Coat
  • Model 350B-C-SS - Stainless Steel

Model 350B Mobile Powder Capture Station


The unit includes a three phase 1 Hp blower motor mounted outside of the air stream.  A polyamid backward inclined, dynamically balanced impeller is mounted directly to the motor shaft.  There is an ABS inlet ring in front of the impeller.

The blower delivers up to 800 cfm.

The blower is mounted in a metal box with four 5” diameter plastic casters.  The swivel casters are lockable.  Blower box footprint dimensions are 48” Deep x 26” Wide x 51” Height.

Variable Frequency Drive
The VFD accepts 120V 60Hz input and doubles the voltage to 240V three phase.  This voltage is frequency variable to control blower RPM.

The VFD enclosure is mounted on the back.

An ON/OFF switch and Variable Speed control are located on the enclosure.

The output filter is a 18” x 18” 99.99% efficient high volume deep media HEPA filter.  It is mounted inside of the blower box using a Poron gasket.

The intake filter size is a 21” x 21” 95% efficient bag filter.

Intake Opening
The intake opening height is adjustable from 8” to 39” (bottom of opening to floor).  The opening is adjusted to match the top of barrels for optimum capture.

120V, 15 Amps.  Supplied with a 10’ power cord.

Approximately 250 lbs

Differential Pressure Gages
Two flush mounted differential pressure gages are included to monitor output HEPA filter pressure and pre-filter pressure, accuracy 3% of full scale, range of 3”.

Hardware is stainless steel.

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